involves asking a group or "crowd" of people to contribute money towards bringing a given project to life. If you are hesitant or unable to invest your own finances into a new toy concept, crowdfunding can help you raise it. You need to find a crowdfunding platform (and there are quite a few out there to choose from) set the goal amount, deadline, and any gifts or "rewards" for contributors.

Since so many of our past and present clients have utilized

we have chosen to promote it here. There are still several other crowdfunding sites, but most of our clients have successfully reached, or are well on their way to reaching their "Kickstarter" goals. If you are an artist or start-up, it can work quite well. However, you must raise 100% of your goal by your deadline, or all funds are returned to the contributors.

While "Kickstarter" does not permit charitable fundraising


both support charities. Please see our client campaigns below, and please feel free to click on each to offer your own contribution towards their success. Should you decide to align your crowdfunding campaign with Gann Memorials, you may find these very same business owners reward your generosity with their own.







On a personal note, Gann Memorials was one of the first in the custom toy industry to publicly endorse "crowdfunding". As a father of two growing children, I want them to learn that through helping one another in life, we can realize the freedom to create and succeed! ~Chris Gann