Kustom Kudos

Customer Kudos - Testimonials

They turned out really nice. They actually sold before I could even upload the image to advertise them. But yeah! People loved them. As do I. And I'm really looking forward to getting the next batch of them.

Michael Chorney - Fluffle Puff


I can’t thank you enough for getting the plushies pushed through on such a compressed schedule. They were a major hit! They were literally EVERYWHERE on the con floor! I kept seeing Golden Gates’ head poking out of bags and just smiling up a storm. Here’s to a long and happy partnership. ;-)

Sonya Hipper - BABSCon (manufactured within 30 days)

Screen Shot 2016 01 27 at 6.06.07 AM

Gann Memorials gave us the opportunity to offer our customers superb quality product. As an on-line retailer, we know the importance of our surpassing our customers' expectations when receiving their purchases. Gann Memorials' friendly service made the process simple and painless.

Ian Mitchell - Discworld Emporium

Screen Shot 2015 07 29 at 3.54.56 PM

The dolls look FABULOUS! I will definitely be in touch for another order -- with more prep time, I promise so we're not rushing like lunatics :)

Sherrilyn Kenyon - #1 NY Times Bestselling Author - Sherrilyn Kenyon


All the "Coba" product looks and feels so commercial and great.

Farrah Abraham - NY Times Bestselling Author & Reality TV Star - Froco Fresh Frozen


Just wanted to inform you that Egg arrived safe and sound. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all your hard work, your dedication, and your hasty responses in the Egg prototype project. I am very impressed by your professionalism and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You are an asset to Gann Memorials and I could not have done this without you. You can pass on this message to Chris. I would like to have more Eggs made in the near future, so I will be in touch just as soon as I find out the demand. In addition, I'd like to thank the factory. They really did an excellent job at confecting Egg and translated my requests very well. Please thank them for me, and wish them the very best of luck in all their endeavors. Egg is a classic, and is a testament to Gann Memorials' plush making talent.

Edwin Simmons - Egg Man


I've received the package and have inspected each of the plushes and am pleased that they are all accounted for and are great! Thank you very much again. Thank you again for all your work!

Dylan Barrientos - Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur

Marker Octopus

Hi Chris :) I've received the packages and I have quickly looked at them. They are super cute! Thanks!

Sharlene Christensen - Marker Octopus


PROTOTYPE TESTIMONIAL: Chris, the sample just got here a half hour ago. IT IS TERRIFIC!!!! Honestly, I could not imagine it being this cute. THANK YOU to you, your staff, and all the creative people. Your team does a tremendous job! DELIVERED PRODUCT TESTIMONIAL: They arrived later in the evening. They look perfect all 250 are here and I can't thank your team enough!

Darcee Klapp - Gollatz Cotillion


Gann's plushies of our Spritelings are wonderful. They met our extremely rigid deadline as promised. Excellent project management and communication. Thanks again for helping us bring Spritelings to life.

Tony McClenny - Spritelings (manufactured within 30 days)


My wife and I had a wonderful time in NY at Toy Fair. We look forward to partnering with you again next year. I really appreciate how thorough your correspondence and guidance was leading up to the show, and throughout the development process for Wabi-Sabi Cat. I was happy to share the experience with everyone who asked me about it. We would love to partner up with you again, as we develop more renditions of Wabi-Sabi Cat and our characters.

Aaron Castillo - Life is Wabi-Sabi

Screen Shot 2015 06 19 at 6.46.39 PM

I am so thrilled to have received the GUPPIE PLUSHIES! They are so perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect representation of the main character in my children's book! And, I have already given many away. The faces on the children and parents that receive the GUPPIE PLUSHIE stuffed animal is enough to melt anyone's heart! It melts mine, and brings tears to my eyes! The goodness and greatness of God having given me the inspiration is just overwhelming. The infinite abundance of God represented in these wonderful, cute, little GUPPIEs is just so powerful and inspiring to me. It makes life worth living.

Bob Hart - GUPPIE

Screen Shot 2015 04 11 at 2.28.44 AM copy

Just wanted to follow up and say a belated THANK YOU for the adorable black bears. They are currently all over the world! We are quite happy with them. It is quite possible that we may want to get these into production again sometime in the future.

Jenny Wang - Made in USA - Formosan Bear


We received our reindeer today. They are everything we expected. We can't wait to get this project launched. Thank you so much and we will be in touch with future orders.

Karyl Traeger - Gus the Reindeer


I'm really, really pleased with the quality of the plushies - they look great! It's such an exciting moment opening the box to see them all. The embroidery is great and the fabrics used are higher quality than even the sample, which is excellent. Thanks again for working with me on this project. It has been a pleasure and I hope to do business with you again.

Rebecca Groom - Velociraptor

Screen Shot 2014 06 26 at 2.13.21 AM

I just wanted to say that the plushies turned out very well! They look great. We are very happy with the results. Our booth has been the most popular at Google I/O and everyone loves the plushies. We have gotten positive feedback- not just from attendees, but from Google staff. Thanks for making this happen on time! - A Gann "Plush in a Rush" Testimonial

Kristine Michelsen-Correa - Duolingo

Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 1.43.28 AM

Shelley, we have received the prototype Zombittie and I was able to have my partner review it this past weekend. It looks absolutely fantastic. Despite costing a few hundred dollars we decided to pull on it and kind of put if through the rigors :) It made my partner quite nervous but it was well worth the effort, as it is so solidly constructed and the stitching is just great. The face is dead on, and it could not look more like my design. So now we are going to the final planning stages of our Kickstarter and if successful (fingers crossed) we will definitely be continuing forward with you and Gann. We will let you know when we launch the Kickstarter so that you can market us if you would like. Thanks so much for all your hard work, you are top notch at your job, and I am thrilled that we got to work with such a savvy and efficient lady as yourself.

David Bird - Zombitties

Screen Shot 2014 06 11 at 4.41.37 AM

I just wanted to say thank you, Chris, for backing my Kickstarter campaign! It takes a noble and smart businessman to take a chance with his own money, in hopes of getting my business. Well, I didn't reach my goal so your money was not spent, but I will be doing my business with you! You took a chance with me and now I want to take a chance with you. Thank you again!

Priscilla York - The Funny Easter Bunny

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From concept to creation, Gann Memorials is there to support you and every step (not just through E-mail) but even through the owner's personal phone number, so you can reach him night or day. Chris thanks again, as I will continue to be a loyal customer and refer your company to others!!!

Joseph Hernandez - CM Designs & Productions


Thank you for everything. You and your staff have made this entire process a very smooth and easy one. I have been very pleased with the results up to this point, and look forward to purchasing different figures from you in the future.

Darren Mueller - Ringtail Cafe


Wrist Over, LLC would like to express a sincere thank you to the Gann Memorials Team for their hands on approach, which resulted in a positive project experience and FANTASTIC Wrist Over Pet™ products!

Sylvia Southerland - Wrist Over Pets


We've received the Val Violin packages as scheduled. Plush Toys look great and we are very pleased with the details and production quality! Thanks very much for your personal care and professional service.

Gilad Benamram - Melody Street


I received the toys and I am absolutely ecstatic! They look amazing! And you even matched the packaging colors EXACTLY with my previous packaging--that is what really impressed me and has made me grateful for using all of your services. I also want to thank you for understanding my time crunch and meeting my deadline. I will send you photos of my amazing booth at Anime Expo (it could only be amazing with the new Gravescabs).

Mark Sharkchild - Gravescabs

Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 8.08.13 PM

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! All the samples arrived just in time and I haven't been able to wipe this huge smile off my face. The characters are fantastic. I'm going to guard these one-of-a-kind treasures with my life at the 3-day Book Expo America. Hopefully, an interested party will appreciate your skillful handiwork.

Donna McNaughton - Raindrop Books

Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 8.17.43 PM

Marvelous! I can barely sit still long enough to receive them from the Fed Ex guy! And yes another customer and I certainly did discuss you. She talked about how she completely trusts you in the business aspect. So much so, that she definitely considers you a friend as well. And I was saying how understanding you are of my position of not really knowing what the heck I'm doing, yet your professionalism extends to not only doing what it takes to make my vision a reality, but beyond that, like connecting me with her who can help me in other ways, thereby connecting me more fully to the community I want to join. I hope your ears were burning with all the praise we were heaping on you!

Micheline Gibbons - The Bandmates

Screen Shot 2013 11 13 at 8.27.26 PM

We LOVE it (Tow Truck Plush) thank you so much!

Jane Gratzianna - O'Hare Towing

EchoTagArtwork 1

Thank you for making our first plush toy experience such a pleasant one. As newbies to the business, Mary and I greatly appreciate your quick responses to our many questions over the course of the past few months. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with you in the future as our company grows.

Denise Carleton & Mary Nix a.k.a. Petunia Garner - Reaping Nature Productions


I would like to thank your company, and your team that has worked day and night. I know it was a very difficult task to achieve the way our bunny was being made, but you have done a great job. I am most pleased with it, and I would recommend your company to many others who are starting their business.

Marc Lacanlale - Herrobunny


Being a small business owner I’m always very skeptical about where my money goes, but after a chat with Chris Gann of Gann Memorials, he set my mind at rest. After we agreed upon a partnership, the following months were nothing short of a pleasure. I truly wish all companies dealt with clients like Gann Memorials does. Friendly, helpful, informative and most importantly easy to reach, Chris always kept me up-to-date on the status of my production. He sent various clear shots from the factory and sent them on time. I just received my plushes today and am a little overwhelmed with how great they look. The pictures that were sent to me over e-mail were nice, it looked like a fine little doll, but when I saw them in person…WOW! I held my plush up next to a Sanrio plush and there was no difference in color and quality. I’m extremely pleased with the entire pre and post production and strongly encourage anyone on the fence to go ahead and take the risk with Gann Memorials. I, honestly, cannot think of a single instance where I was dissatisfied. The entire process was totally stress-free, and I will definitely produce more dolls with them in the future. Stores have been asking when the plushes will be released and I can’t wait to show them off! VERY SATISFIED!

Jupey Krusho - Jupey


I wanted you to know that we got the plushes on Monday! They look fantastic and I've already gotten great responses from them. The quality was excellent and consistent. I don't think we had 1 Pea damaged. Again, thank you so much for coming through like an absolute champ for us. We were desperate when we contacted you and you delivered as promised. You also showed that you care about the quality of the product and this is extremely important to us, so thanks again. You also saved us from an embarrassing situation at the Comic Con, had we been without the plushies, so thanks for saving our reputation! Take care and I know we'll talk again. I'll let you know how the Con goes!

Joe Moshier - Conduct Happiness


I am in Japan and I received the pieces. They came out great! Thanks again to you and the factory!

Kirk Smith - Schimmelsmith

Screen Shot 2013 11 14 at 4.11.13 AM copy

Figaroos arrived today! I am very happy with the way they came out, including the tags. My family are among my first customers, so I think they will sale well. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I am quite pleased!

Cooley - I Am Cooley

nemu logo 2011

My experience working with Chris of Gann Memorials has been nothing but exceptional. He has been extremely prompt and professional, never failing to keep me in the loop with our plushy production. Our finished pups are just what we hoped for! I highly recommend Gann Memorials for all your plushy needs!

Audra Furuichi - Nemu-Nemu


We have the dolls and they look fabulous. We're still putting the final touches on the Newgrounds.com store so we can accept payment for them, and we're putting together the toy characters web site as well to spread the word about them. We'll let you know how sales go. Thanks for everything you've done, we're really happy with how everything turned out.

Bob Rudderow - Newgrounds.com

Screen Shot 2013 11 14 at 4.22.18 AM

As my first plush "Mr. Bear" project went so well, I knew I could entrust Gann Memorials with bringing more of my original characters to life. Watching "Big Butt Panda", one of my flagship characters, come into 3D form was like a dream come true. Not only did Chris and his staff show tremendous care in sculpting him, but they truly went above and beyond the call of duty to meet my deadlines and accomodate my production requests. (They even helped me with details that I didn't know were possible!) Throughout the entire project, Gann Memorials once again treated me like a VIP customer, which is a very rare courtesy in almost any industry. I'm really grateful for all the hard work that they put into my plush, and I will definitely be a returning customer for years to come.

P.M.B.Q. - P.M.B.Q. Studios

Screen Shot 2013 11 14 at 4.26.05 AM

Gann Memorials has produced 5 designs for my client over the last 2 years. The latest one, a dragon, was very complex and the client needed to change a few things from the initial design. Chris Gann and his team were exceptional in working with us to get it right and didn't mind all of the changes. Now we have a perfect dragon! I find their prices competitive, products of good quality, and they provide great customer service-very prompt. I definitely recommend them.

Lindsay Hunter/Stellar Swag - Gaia Online


I just wanted to thank you for your great work! I was absolutely thrilled when I got the shipment of toys, they are SO cute! The quality and attention to detail is more than I could have hoped for. I feel really fortunate that I found a company that is so easy to communicate with. I was really nervous about the design and prototype process, but that all went so smoothly. I would recommend you to any picky artist- type like myself. I will definitely be using your company again. Thank you so much.

Crystal Chesney-Thompson - Haminal


I just received my order and I love them!!!! Thank you so very much. These geese are part of a new program that I am rolling out with my hospice company. I will need to re-order them in the near future.

Sonya Brown - Midwest Hospice

Thank you so much for bringing "Gingi" to life for us. We are extremely satisfied with the service you provided -- you were with us every step of the way from concept to delivery of the completed plush. It was a pleasure working with you.

Karen Atkinson - OraPharma, Inc.

The plush samples arrived today and they look great! We had three custom designs and you nailed all three. And, you did this within tight time frames. Thanks so much!

Bruce Knapke - Enormini

You made me smile today!!! They look wonderful and I can't wait to see 1500 kids' faces get one of these sweet looking loveable bears. We have 2000 kids to give them too, but wish I had enough for all of them and in time we will. Thank you for being a part of my dream to give Love, Hope, Care, and Support to needy kids.

Angel McCormick - Share-A-Bear

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how very much we have appreciated all of your efforts in helping my wife and I start our home-based business. This has been a dream of ours for many years, and putting your own business together is harder than most can imagine, especially if you want it to be successful and done right the first time. Our dream has always been to be able to supply children, who suffer from various afflictions, with comforting stories and plush doll figures that we have personally created. To be able to take our mental images and create the "perfect" dolls has been a difficult and trying process. We asked many various companies from around the world to help us in this endeavor. To most of them, they were simply filling another order, not creating our masterpiece that we wanted to share with the children. Working with you has been like a dream come true. It truly has been our pleasure giving you our business, because of our confidence in your abilities and the effort we have seen in all of your various designs for us. When you pour your heart and soul into an idea, you want only the best to represent those ideas. You have more than proved to us that you folks are the best at what you do, and we can't thank you enough for making our long awaited dream into a loving, cuddly, and comforting reality for us to be able to share with children everywhere. Our sincerest gratitude to you, sir.

Chris & Paul Phillips - Cozy Coz

Thanks for all your work on this. He is awesome. We can't wait to have 500 of the "Captain Bookworm"!

Patsy Buchwald - Colorado Springs Balloon Classic

From the first time we corresponded via E-mail, until the product was received by us, I couldn't say enough GREAT things about your company. It's nice to work with someone who makes you feel like you are their top priority. You managed to, in less than three months, design the product and create a custom made animal that is perfect for our event. They are crazy about them, and I look forward to a new design each year. You have a customer as long as we are here! Thanks for a job well done!!!!!

Lisa Barr - Four States Fair

The quality of the fabric and the firmness of the stuffing is perfect! It's really wonderful how much you've worked with us to get these things done the way we like them. Of course you can show that you have another happy customer on your web site!

Angela Liu - Manga Candy

I will happily vouch for Chris and Gann Memorials. They are super easy to work with you, and really went out of their way to ensure that the plushies met my criteria and very specific requirements; even with the small changes. They have their process nailed down! I highly recommend them!

Ali Saleem

Everything looks great! Thanks again! I'll definitely keep you in mind when I go for my second round of plush creations.

Alexander Shen

We like them. Very nice. Just what we were hoping for. We are happy with them for sure. Please tell the factory they are doing a great job.

Jon Wiseman

My dream has finally become a reality at "Gann Memorials," and I am smiling ear to ear! Not only is Chris Gann a wonderful businessman, he is nothing short of polite, honest, and accommodating to his customer. His prompt responses and genuine caring attitude at every stage of our communications (no matter what day) is what sets him and his company apart from any other. At "Gann Memorials", one can rest assured that there will be helpful collaboration in the plush creation process. I felt right at home as the factory translated all my requests exactly as I asked. Chris Gann and the factory are individuals who keep their word, and there is nothing more honorable. I am proud to own one of their products which for me, will forever be a great memorial of hard work, patience, and dedication to the art of toy-making.

Dex Curi

They (Louie the Cat plush) arrived today and they are fabulous! Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure to do business with you! I will let you know if I need to reorder!

Tracey Delio - Author of "The Secret Adventures of Louie V"

Chris and Gann Memorials captured my book character "GOOBER" perfectly. Chris has responded instantly to every communication from my first inquiry. No hesitations, just a sincere attitude and desire to please. No second guessing my choice to work with Chris and Gann Memorials. Solid gold!

Claire Connelly - Author of "Harley - In The Doghouse"

Having "Boomer" the Basset Hound produced was my first experience with anything like this, and to say the least, I was scared to trust anybody on the Internet. When Chris returned my call, I knew he was 'for real' and someone I could trust. He handled every phase of the production so professionally and promptly, I felt like I was dealing with someone I had known all their life. He kept me well informed of the progress at every stage and delivered on time, just as he said he would. In addition to all of this, Boomer turned out even better than I believed was possible. I thank Gann Memorials for a beautiful experience and will use them again!

Sandra Matthews - Author of "Boomer & Friends Adventures"

Kuttari Plush

The plushes arrived! Thank you for getting them to me today. I'm thankful for everything you've done for me. I haven't opened all of the plush yet but the quality looks great and I'm definitely pleased with the product.

Heather Adkins - Bubble Butt & Timey Kuttari Plush (manufactured within 30 days)

shark plush copy2

The plush were delivered earlier today. A total of 5 boxes. I haven't seen all of them yet or done a proper headcount, but from what I have seen they are amazing! I am still just stunned by the quality and how well done all the details are. I could not be happier! I am hoping these guys do really well at the next few conventions so I can order another batch soon.

Morghan Gill - Mogi Arts

Gann Memorials was the first company I ran to when looking to try and bring my character to life. With my expectations being higher than anyone on the planet, my hat goes off to Chris and his whole team because they wouldn't stop until they exceeded those expectations. That was this mission. The level of dedication they had, the partnership they shared, and the passion to make this right could truly be benchmarked. First Class to Chris and his amazing team at Gann!

Brien Arone - Sandy Dollar

Customers & Collectors,

I would like to thank everyone who has E-mailed their support. I read through all correspondence, so if you have any suggestions or criticism, please do not hesitate to CONTACT me.


Chris Gann