Wholesale Distribution

Have you created a unique pop culture plush concept?

I am extremely excited to announce that we have negotiated an exclusive arrangement with a worldwide wholesale "pop culture" toy distributor.

Once we have manufactured your plush concept, we can submit it for review to our distributor. Upon approval, we can ship your completed order directly to their warehouse, where they can immediately start marketing to retailers worldwide!

Our distributor has successfully marketed the following past/present Gann Memorials clients:







Product is only distributed to smaller retailers and/or online resellers. Our distributor does not wholesale to "big box" retailers, but we can still offer this assistance whenever possible. Our distributor will only partner with clients who do not desire to wholesale to mass market chains. (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, etc)

With this final 2013 service addition, Gann Memorials now offers more client product solutions than any other custom plush company in the world!



































Prior to submission, your concept must undergo a "pop culture" style evaulation. Not all designs will qualify. Distribution is not guaranteed. Gann Memorials is not directly affiliated with distributor, nor does Gann Memorials profit in any fashion from client agreements. Gann Memorials cannot not be held liable for any issues, which may arise as a result from distributor/client relationship.