Custom Organic Plush Toys

Custom Organic Plush Toys

Custom Organic Plush Toys

I’ve noticed a trend in just the past couple of years. More and more customers have come to us requesting custom organic plush toys. For those of you who may only understand the organic concept (with regards to food) organic plush is very similar in nature.

For example, most organic foods contain no artificial preservatives, pesticides, hormones, flavors, or colors. In the same respect, organic plush does not use any synthetic fillers or fabrics. “Eco” dyes can also be used.

When considering an organic custom plush toy, please be aware of the following

  • Unless using 100% cotton, or another factory available in-stock organic material, most organic toys require a minimum order purchase quantity of 3000pcs.

  • The final each price will average about $2-$4 higher than a synthetic plush toy’s price, depending upon the total organic content. For example, you can choose organic fabric, filler, and color or you can choose to customize any one or two of the three for lower pricing.

  • We can provide factory documentation, when available, which certifies the organic authenticity.

  • Not all organic plush toys are as soft and cuddly as synthetic plush, but we can get as close as possible depending upon the chosen materials.

  • Even though we reimburse your sample deposit upon order placement, organic plush sample development will typically require a 20% higher deposit than synthetic plush.

  • Due to the larger availability/affortability of organic materials in the worldwide marketplace, we prefer not produce any organic toys in the USA.

Here are just a few of the available materials used in Custom Organic Plush Toys

  • Cotton -(Regular & Egyptian) – Filler or Fabric
  • Wool-Filler or Fabric
  • Soy -Fabric
  • Corn-Fabric
  • Alpaca -Fabric
  • Buckwheat -Hulls – Filler (Beanbag or Baby Toys)
  • Walnut Shells -Filler (Beanbag Feel for Larger Plush)